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Kalimantan in Indonesia

Kalimantan in Indonsia:   Borneo is called Kalimantan in ancient time.But it is the world second largest island.The North and Northwestern area of the island are the East Malaysian state of Sarawak and Sabah.There are newly free state of Brunei Darussalam Between them.But on the other hand rest of the island of Indonesia are divided into four provinces central Kalimantan,South Kalimantan,East and West Kalimantan.Kalimantan is famous for its bio-diverse places on the world.It is matter of fact that the world
largest tropical rainforests and rare florand and fauna are in here.
Kalimantan in Indonesia
The History of Kalimantan: The history of Kalimantan is very wonderful. According to the Sanskrit inscription before 400 AD.Kalimantan was ruled by early influence Indonesia Settlers.During the 15th century Islamic power came down on Kalimantan greatly.For this reason it was rapidly embraced by the different kingdoms in the island.
Bontang in Indonesia
The Dutch started to settle business agreements in Kalimantan and earned specially business in Banjarmasin and in Sambas.More over they made agreement with Pontianak in 1778.This they preserve almost all what is now Kalimantan.In the time of 2nd world war Kalimantan was captured by the japanese armies.The Dutch government disable to control of the region after words.Indonesia earned its independence later on. Kalimantan became a province but after words it was divided into four provinces.
Attractive spot in Kalimantan
Kalimantan Climate: Kalimantan has tropical climate.throughout the year heavy rainfall is found.Per annum rainfall around 3000mm in average.The temperature defers between 29 degree C and 34 degree C.The humidity is in the range of 95-98 %.
Attractive Place in Kalimantan
The Best Time to Visit Kalimantan: The best time to visit this wonderful island is during the month of September and march.In this time temperatures are abundant cooled of 27 degree C.More over it is matter of surprise that people can pleasant sea breezes.
Attractive Spot in Kalimanatn
Derawan Island: Derawan Island is the most attractive spot for marine tourism. Animals such as the green turtle,the scarlet turtle, star fruit turtle and sea cow are not found now-a-days here. Species of marine plants and coral reef are absent here now.But it has an attractive subject too. Such as this island is the best place for scuba diving, pearl diving, swimming, fishing, and other water sports.
Derawan Island in Kalimantan
Bontang: It is another island of kalimantan.Binatang has no flora and fauna and it is located in the regency of kutal with 200000ha. The kutal National park is the most important to see sceneries.
Bontang in Kalimantan
Pontianak: Pontianak is the capital city.If is also the capital of west Kalimantan. Most important tourist spots are Equator Monument, Caldaria palace, the state Museum and floating market.
Gunning Palung National park and Nether Reserve: The Gunung Palung national park is situated in the ketapang area. Flora and fauna are absent in this region. The Raya Pasi Mountain in the singkawang region is very attractive.Singka Wang is well up in nature beauty.The another visiting forest region is samggau.This place is very charming. Visitors can enjoy many things here. Hot springs has here throughout the year. Lakes and caves are available her.Nodubt it is very interesting place for the tourism.
Pontinak Sea beach
Palangkaraya: Palang karaya is the provincial capital of Kalimantan but it is central Kalimantan. This capital city is located in the upper side of the stream area.These streams are come of from the Kahayan river.At present, this city has become the center of government,business and teaching of the province.
The centrail Museum  of palangkaraya  are fulfill with his tropical and cultural interest from all over central Kalimantan.The natural beauty are available in here.This place is also a visiting and interesting for  tourism.
Palangkaraya in Kalimantan
Sampit: Sampit city and the Sampit river which is the capital city of Sampit location.It is the biggest timber port in Kalimantan.You can see many attractive tourism attractions in sampit.In front of the simpit river pandaran beach park is situated.It is actually a splendid park.Hulu is a natural forest it is situated in the orchid park of pembuangan.Hunters are come here and can engage in their important time at the Serayan river.
Sampit in Kalimantan
Shopping in Kalimantan: Here are important shopping items in Kalimantan are house hold ornaments,hand woven silks and cottons and other special element which are made of bamboo.
Sopping place in Kalimantan
How to reach Kalimantan: Here are available in international and domes.
Kalimantan Map:
Kalimantan Map

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